Martial Arts and MMA Training

Hawkstorm Academy Mission Statement

"To develop students morally, mentally, and physically, and to provide an elite training environment which will imbue them with the highest ideals of honor and discipline, in order to train men and women dedicated to the service of others, and to use their skills and knowledge in that capacity."

Martial Arts Training Courses in St. Louis, MO

Warrior Program (Ages 13+, with Chief Instructor permission)

Martial Arts Training and MMA in St. Louis, MOThe Warrior program is the heart of the Hawkstorm Academy training regimen. Students enrolled in this program will experience the hardest training in the world as they progress through the ranks. To earn a Hawkstorm Academy Black Belt you will have to dedicate yourself to pushing your skills and conditioning to elite levels. We are not training you to be a just a fighter…you are becoming a warrior.

The discipline required to advance through the ranks will become increasingly difficult. Whether your goal is to become a professional fighter or to become an elite soldier, earning a Black Belt at the Hawkstorm Academy will guarantee you have the foundation necessary for success. We will hold you to exceptionally high standards, both in the dojo as well as outside the dojo.

Warrior Basic

The Warrior Basic class is essentially a prep course for those who wish to enroll in the Warrior Course and work toward achieving a Black Belt, but are not quite ready to jump into the intense regimen required. Many of the same techniques and training methods will be utilized that are in the Warrior Course, but will be tapered down to a very basic level.

This class is perfect for teenagers and adults who have the motivation but not yet the strength or athleticism needed for the full Warrior Course. We guarantee that if you stick with it, you WILL ultimately be able to advance into the tougher training and begin earning your ranks!

Military Combatives (Ages 18+)

Martial Arts and MMA Training CoursesThe Military Combatives program is designed with simplicity and function in mind. This class will teach you to use very basic moves with potentially devastating effects. The student will learn to use “down and dirty” techniques that are focused on street survival. Law Enforcement and military professionals will find the techniques simple, easy to learn, and very useful if they find themselves in a critical situation. This program won’t give you the depth and transformation that the Warrior Program will help you achieve, but it is a great way to learn some skills that could save your life or the life of someone else. *ALL STUDENTS ENROLLING IN THIS CLASS MAY BE SUBJECT TO A BACKGROUND CHECK